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The Best Start. . .
Is a REDING Finish

From start to finish, you can rely on J. R. Reding Company for consistent quality and timely scheduling of your projects.

J. R. Reding is the largest and most complete custom prefinisher and refinisher in the Pacific Northwest. With many years of experience in the business, we are proficient at handling your largest finishing projects. . . and at carefully rehabilitating your most precious antiques.

Daily, our carefully selected craftsmen find creative solutions to your prefinishing and refinishing needs.


In business, every day is important. That's why J. R. Reding Company prefinishes can save you time and money on the job. Each door, cabinet or trim piece will arrive on site when you need it. Their finishing, packaging, and tranportation departments work as a team to complete your job efficiently and to your client's specifications.

Their reputation as the most skilled prefinisher in the Pacific Northwest is well-deserved. Consistent quality is their hallmark, and because they manufacture their own stains, they can match colors with your needs.

J. R. Reding features rudd industrial coatings.


No project is too large or too small for J. R. Reding Company's remanufacturing process. (Do-It-Yourselfers may want to visit our page of tips and suggestions for removing stains and scratches from wood furniture and floors.)J. R. Reding Company's skilled refinishers take as much pride in restoring a single antique as for an entire office of furniture.

Before andy work is done, each piece is carefully evaluated to determine the best methods for stripping, repair, and finish. Wood or metal furniture receives equal attention, and each piece leaves their facility in top condition.

When necessary, they replace casters, glides, and other hardware. their craftsmen all fabricate or repair wood or metal parts, replace worn-out seats, and even re-cane antiques.

J. R. Reding can match antique colors for retouching projects and provide the llok you have in mind.

Visit the J. R. Reding Gallery for images of furniture remanufacturing projects. Please, be patient the images will take a little while to load, but they are worth it.


To complete the remanufacturing process, J. R. Reding offers quality hpholstery services in their own facility. Their experienced upholsterers take pride in their workmanship and assume the responsibility for a project from start to finish.

For commercial or residential upholstery projects, J. R. Reding Company has a wide range of quality fabrics to choose from. Their staff consultant will work with your or your designer to restore your furnishings to their original condition or better. They can, also, make any style changes you desire.

J. R. Reding can reupholster your fine home furniture and business furniture, of course, but they also handle boats and R.V.'s. J. R. Reding handles upholstery, carpeting, window dressings, headliners, and boat tops are made to order.

At J. R. Reding, your most creative ideas are translated into reality.


J. R. Reding's strippers take your furniture down to the bare essentials in the most effective way possible. Whether you plan to finish the project yourself or have them complete the job for you, they take care to preserve the original wood or metal surface.

From the most delicate antiques to industrial stripping for valve bodies, fire alarms, metal casings and more, they will effectively prepare your project for a quality finish.

J. R. Reding also offers on-site stripping and refinishing for stationary imtems such as cabinets, windows, and stairway components.


Whether wood, metal, or upholstered, your project recieves the attention it deserves and is completed on time at J. R. Reding.

Their transportation department has years of experience moving valuable goods, and it shows. Each piece is considered delicate and important, and they take pride in their conscientious delivery service.

At J. R. Reding Company, they translate your needs into the best possible finish. Whatever your finishing projects, the best start is a Reding finish.

J. R. Reding Company
3005 South Chandler
Tacoma, WA 98409
253-472-3551 fax

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